Curtain Wall, Recladding and Window Wall

Gamma ranks among the largest construction companies, for curtain wall, window wall and recladding, in North America and the world. We are one of only a few companies in the industry that custom manufactures in-house through our design and engineering division. This division is one of only very few in the industry that is 100% integrated into the fabrication process.


Curtain Wall

The outer covering of your building in which the outer walls are non-structural. This covering protects the interiors from weather, heat and cold.

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Curtain Walls


The use of curtain wall to replace an obsolete curtain wall, or to change the existing facade to improve the look and performance of your building.

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Window Wall

Factory-glazed windows (and doors) that are installed between the floor slabs of your multi-story building, and often used in residential high rise towers.

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Window Wall

Customer Benefit

Our all in one, in-house solution provides you with a single point of accountability. This approach produces the fastest and highest quality-controlled projects as well as the fastest adjustments with the fewest delays.

A hallmark of Gamma’s approach is avoiding field problems through:

  • Problem anticipation,
  • Early identification
  • Best-in-class and longest union relationships in many markets.