Gamma has operated for more than 40 years and is known for complex custom curtain wall construction for large scale commercial projects.


What Makes a LEED Project?

By allowing us to build your LEED certified project, you are ensuring that your building meets all LEED specifications. This means that it is fabricated from pre-and post-consumer recycled materials, that they will use VOC (volatile organic compound) conscience paints, adhesives, and sealants, that the construction supplies are shipped from local sources in energy efficient vehicles, and that every detail, from waste management and site clean-up to pest control is to the LEED accredited standard. Our Gamma LEED not only handles the paperwork for accreditation, but we check and submit them to the architect and LEED AP.


LEED Benefits

We work for you to maximize your LEED accredited points to that you can enjoy the maximized benefits of a certified green building. By opting for a green building you are:

  • Increasing the building’s valuation
  • Reducing liability and environmental impact
  • Reducing water and energy use
  • And creating a happy and healthy employee workspace


How Does LEED Work?

Our LEED experts will guide you through the process of making your green project simple and hassle free. We expedite services locally to trusted agencies, and we check that all of the building specifications are up to LEED standards. By opting for a LEED building, you are choosing:

  • Metals containing 50 – 100 percent (by weight) recycled content
  • Materials that originate from sources within a 500 mile radius
  • VOC limited adhesives, sealants, architectural coatings, and paints
  • Environmentally conscience waste management and on-site post-production recycling guidelines
  • FSC certified wood products for crating
  • Strict codes enforcing superior air quality
  • Reduced water and energy use