See The Gamma Difference

Gamma is one of only a few companies in the industry that custom manufactures on its own customized fabrication lines all products from the company’s own in-house design and engineering division. This division is one of only very few in the industry that is 100% integrated into the fabrication process.

Attention to Detail
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 | Completion Driven
 | Highest Efficiency
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Attention To Detail

Our unrivalled attention to detail produces best-in-class client service, responsiveness and quality. Close, personal relationships between clients and the Gamma partners, who are deeply involved each day, enable this responsive service. Our focus also extends to the quality of product performance and its appearance, including such critical factors as precision closings, no leakage, aesthetic look, detailing and joint position.


Proactive Foresight

We go above and beyond sweating all the details and anticipating problems in the field so clients don't have to. This means targeting, highlighting and accelerating solutions that resolve issues early on, before clients are aware. This helps eliminate cost increases and schedule delays.

"Gamma has a smart and practical approach that foresees, projects and adjusts for field conditions and contingencies that come up later. The project result is a smoother, faster installation process, with fewer hiccups."
-- Andy Weiss, Executive Vice President, The Trump Organization.

At the end of a job our clients say that we provide a real daily commitment and tenacity to do everything above and beyond.


Completion Driven

Gamma is "project completion" driven, not "change order" driven. Our philosophy and commitment are to complete the job for what we quote, with no change orders unless the scope changes. Clients don't have to worry about unforeseen extras throughout the job. And clients can count on the job being completed on time and budget. Beyond our dedication to "doing the job right, every time," clients recognize our uncommon commitment to project completion, saying: "You can count on Gamma's personal guarantee. Gamma has never defaulted on any project."


Highest Efficiency

Gamma manages each project with the highest level of efficiency. We understand the logistics of every job, where to put the men, what the proper number of men is for each task and job and how to get the job done in the way that saves time and money. While we are well aware that "more" doesn't always mean "faster," we also know that sometimes "more of the best people" are necessary to stay on track and schedule.


Total Manufacturing

Gamma manufactures everything we design and engineer. We are one of very few contractors in North America that designs, engineers, fabricates and installs our own products through our own work. With all project functions housed in both the Miami and Quebec facilities, Gamma has the advantage of faster turnaround time and the highest level of quality control.


Design And Engineering

Our design and engineering departments provide clients with several unique characteristics and practices. First, the leadership has operated together longer than any other major company in our field. As a result, we work smoothly and efficiently to apply our problem-solving capabilities.

Second, the departments adhere to an uncommon practice. Our architects, independent engineers and designers review, analyze and assess, in greater detail, every single condition of the building that might affect the design and application of the curtain/window wall or recladding, and then apply the solutions we develop to the drawings. All of our curtain wall work is custom, not "off-the-shelf."

Third, Gamma is one of few major companies in the industry, where the engineering department is completely integrated into the fabrication process -- in both our Miami and Quebec City facilities. This all-under-one-roof approach provides clients with the ability to produce the fastest adjustments and revisions.

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In addition to the extensive testing Gamma preforms to ensure that your building can withstand unpredictable and extreme weather conditions, Gamma is committed to making your building safe by satisfying your architect’s building specifications for other environmental variables, such as ballistic testing and bomb blasting. We ensure that all of your building’s testing requirements are taken care of by the best in the field. We work side-by-side with trusted engineering companies to get the best test results. By expediting the testing to engineers with whom we have long-standing relationships, and who excel at producing Gamma quality test results, we guarantee that your building will meet every tested demand. Gamma is there to work for the test results you need, and we don’t start building until they are.

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By allowing us to build your LEED certified project, you are ensuring that your building meets all LEED specifications. This means that it is fabricated from pre-and post-consumer recycled materials, that they will use VOC (volatile organic compound) conscience paints, adhesives, and sealants, that the construction supplies are shipped from local sources in energy efficient vehicles, and that every detail, from waste management and site clean-up to pest control is to the LEED accredited standard. Our Gamma LEED not only handles the paperwork for accreditation, but we check and submit them to the architect and LEED AP.

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Field Experience

Our team is recognized for attracting and retaining the best, most experienced ironworkers. This is a direct result of having the closest and longest union relationships in major markets - - with the right people on the job, always available. In the New York market, Matt Baum (Senior Vice President of US Field Operations) is in charge of and personally oversees field operations including on-the-ground supervision of the ironworkers. In Miami, Mike DeHarde is the hands on owner-partner in charge of all field ironworkers.


Schedule Adherence

Our team is known for having the strictest adherence to schedule in the industry. Our on-time performance is the best in the industry over the last 25 years. This includes best and fastest installment and fastest remedial work in the industry.